Monash University

Sara Liu

Research Fellow (Clinical psychology)



  • Prevention of Spinal Cord Injury Due to Road Traffic Crashes
  • A model for star rating school walking routes
  • Safety, mobility and experiences of pedestrians with vision loss in Victoria
  • Application of a two-stage evaluation process in the development of a Road Safety Action Plan for Tasmania
  • The relative importance of real-time in-cab and external feedback in managing fatigue in real-world commercial transport operations
  • Associations between alcohol consumption patterns and attitudes towards alcohol interlocks
  • Intentional self-harm in culturally and linguistically diverse communities: A study of hospital admissions in Victoria, Australia
  • Alcohol consumption patterns and attitudes toward drink-drive behaviours and road safety enforcement strategies
  • Definitions of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD): A literature review of epidemiological research in Australia

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Co-workers & collaborators

Michael Fitzharris

Associate Director, Accident Research Centre Monash University - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Michael Fitzharris

Anne Peiris

Anne Peiris

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