Monash University

Hang Khong

Research Assistant & Teaching Associate (Education)

Melbourne, Australia

Hang Khong is a Research Assistant for the Q Project and Teaching Associate at Faculty of Education, Monash University. She earned her Master of Educational Studies and PhD in education at the University of Queensland. Her research interests include teacher professional development and professional learning, teacher education, classroom talk, lesson study, school reform, school leadership, and technology integration. She is passionate about supporting teacher learning both formally and informally, particularly in school-based contexts through Lesson Study for Learning Community and has solid experience working for various projects to enhance in-service teacher capacity in Southeast Asia. She has published articles in highly regarded international peer-reviewed journals, such as Cambridge Journal of Education, Educational Review, Journal of Educational Change, and Professional Development in Education, and book chapters under prestigious publishers including Routledge and Springer.


  • Why is school reform sustained even after a project? A case study of Bac Giang Province, Vietnam
  • Challenges confronting teachers of English language learners
  • Echoing with the voices of victims: Reflection on vietnamese lessons on the japanese experiences of atomic bombs
  • The teacher as a ‘colony’: a case study of agentive responses to ‘colonising’ education policy in Vietnam
  • Not just for special occasions: supporting the professional learning of teachers through critical reflection with audio-visual information
  • Key issues in productive classroom talk and interventions
  • Typologies of lesson study coordination: a comparative institutional analysis
  • Comparative institutional analysis of participation in collaborative learning
  • Teacher learning about dialogical pedagogy: a multiple case study of Vietnamese educators from a Bakhtinian perspective
  • COVID-19 as a game changer in a Thai university: a self-reflection
  • Examining teachers’ behavioural intention for online teaching after COVID-19 pandemic: A large-scale survey
  • Teacher learning through dialogue with colleagues, self and students
  • Australian PhD graduates’ agency in navigating their career pathways: stories from social sciences

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