Beatrice Chiew

Pharmaceutical sciences

Monash University

Beatrice completed her bachelor’s degree at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, majoring in medicinal chemistry. She started working with fragments during her honours year in the Scanlon lab, discovering potent inhibitors for HIV integrase. Following this, she continued on to do a PhD project in fragments, focussing on the Rapid Elaboration of Fragments into Leads – a workflow which combines chemoinformatically designed diverse reagent libraries, parallel microscale synthesis and Off-rate Screening by SPR. She is currently applying this workflow to epigenetic reader protein 53BP1, with a view to develop small molecules for prophylactic use in BRCA1 positive breast cancer. Her main areas of interests include cheminformatics, Off-rate screening via Surface Plasmon Resonance and microscale parallel small molecule synthesis.

Beatrice Chiew's public data