Barbara Yazbeck

Learning Skills Adviser (Higher education)


Barbara is currently Learning Skills Adviser (Research and Information Skills) at Monash University Library. She works with academics to embed research and learning skills in a range of health science curricula including Pharmacy, Nursing, Radiology and Nutrition. She has extensive experience with undergraduate and postgraduate students having worked in university preparation courses both in Australia and abroad. She has qualifications in Applied Linguistics and Education and has an interest in critical pedagogies and theories of learning. She is the author of “Managing Diversity in University Preparation Courses: Seeing Difference as Potential" published in EA Journal in 2008. Recently, she received a Vice-Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2015) for ‘Excellence in developing evidence-based medicine curricula based on world’s best practice that engage students in enquiry-driven learning and practice for life'.


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  • Yazbeck, B. (2008) Managing Diversity in University Preparation Courses: Seeing Difference as Potential, EA Journal September

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