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Thermal spray coatings: processing, microstructural architecture and their materials engineering design

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posted on 2017-02-23, 00:44 authored by Berndt, Christopher Charles
This thesis encompasses the following two major sections. The first section is comprised of twenty (20) manuscripts that are segmented into the 5 areas: viz. (i) the processing of materials, (ii) microstructural evolution and design, (iii) mechanical property testing, (iv) modeling studies, and (iv) applications of thermal spray materials. These manuscripts cover a period from 1983 through to 2013; which is considered the appropriate snapshot in time since the confirmation of the PhD degree in 1981. The selected manuscripts represent an 'original, substantial and distinguished contribution to knowledge ' in the field of thermal spray science, engineering and technology. The basis of selecting the specific manuscripts lies on three complimentary criteria. (1) Some of the articles have been highly cited. (2) Several review-based articles demonstrate a broad and thorough knowledge of the field of thermal spray. (3) The publications in the past 5-years indicate an integration of knowledge over three decades that leads to new discoveries and expanded knowledge. The bulk of the thesis exhibits 20 manuscripts that have been down-selected and systematically organized to demonstrate the following content. • Longevity- in the general area of materials science and engineering; and specifically in the area of thermal spray coatings and technology. • Productivity and focus in several sub-specialties of thermal spray coatings and technology. These areas, although presented as separate entities, are interrelated with themes that cut across several disciplines of science and engineering. • The continuous development of research subjects that are driven by new methods of analysis; new thermal spray technology; surface science and engineering; and the availability of advanced instrumentation and analytical equipment. The second section is a compilation of appendices that detail avenues, many of which are outside the conventional publication route, the applicant has employed to disseminate knowledge. The appendices provide reviewers and examiners with a more comprehensive perspective of the applicant that cannot be presented by publications alone. The appendices compliment the body of the thesis in several ways. The appendices present the much bigger view for the development of research by integrating it within (i) a wide-ranging research portfolio, (ii) leadership and engagement within university settings, and (iii) the traditional learning and teaching environment of universities. Therefore, the development of this thesis presents an integrated approach so that examiners can appreciate the deep commitment of the applicant to the development of a comprehensive study in the chosen area. The appendices include a list of the publications of the applicant. In addition, there is a compilation of editorials and commentaries that are provocative and thoughtful articles that relate to social context issues. These articles have been instrumental in documenting important aspects of thermal spray science, engineering and technology.


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