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Spray coated nanocellulose films-production, characterisation and applications

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posted on 16.11.2019, 21:53 by KIRUBANANDAN SHANMUGAM
Spraying nanocellulose on a polished impermeable surface is a novel concept to produce a film which has two distinct surfaces. The spray coated surface is very smooth and replicates the nanoscale roughness from the base surface. This process reduces the operational time for film formation by one order of magnitude compared to vacuum filtration, which is the standard method. The spraying process was optimised to develop highly uniform sheets. The films were recyclable and sustainable. Spraying process has been successfully implemented to develop high performance nanocomposites for barrier applications and smooth films for electronics.


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Warren Jeffrey Batchelor

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Gil Garnier

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Swambabu Varanasi

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Chemical Engineering

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Indian Institute of Petroleum Energy India


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering