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Quantum Plasmonic Analysis of Spasers

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posted on 2020-06-17, 03:55 authored by LAKSHITHA CHATHURANGA KUMARAPPERUMA ARACHCHIGE
Emerging area of nano-plasmonics can overcome the limit of diffraction in photonics, achieving nano-scale optical energy confinement. Spaser (nano-scale laser) is the device which serves this purpose by generating, amplifying and sustaining localized surface plasmons. However, the output power of the device is inefficient, and it has other drawbacks such as high thresholds and less tunability. We explore the possibility of using a 3-level model to address these challenges while generating significant physical insights for design optimization. These contributions are vital for practically realizing spasers for a plethora of applications such as quantum computing, nanomedicine and nano-imaging.


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Malin Premaratne

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Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering


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