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Particle Scale Modeling of Mixing and Segregation of Particles Mixtures in Liquid Fluidized Beds of Spherical and non-Spherical Particles

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posted on 06.04.2018, 01:06 by ESMAEIL ABBASZADEH MOLAEI
In this thesis, the particles shape effects on fluidized beds behaviour and also on the mixing/segregation phenomenon are studied. It was observed that particles shape significantly affects the solid flow behaviour in liquid fluidizations of mono-sized particles. The spherical particles exhibited highest minimum fluidization velocity while the oblate and prolate particles had less minimum fluidization velocity. A modified drag force correlations was proposed for the mixtures of polydisperse systems of non-spherical particles. There has been no such a drag model so far. On the other hand, according to analysis of mixtures of spheres and ellipsoids it was found that particles shape clearly affects the mixing and segregation phenomenon in liquid fluidized beds.


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Zongyan Zhou

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Aibing Yu

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Chemical Engineering


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