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Dynamic X-ray imaging of mice in vivo to investigate lung function and structure in ventilator-induced lung injury

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posted on 2020-05-22, 09:40 authored by MELISSA HELENE PREISSNER
When the lungs begin to fail, mechanical ventilation is a life-saving intervention. However, mechanical ventilation can also damage the delicate structures in the lung, known as ventilator-induced lung injury. The risk increases substantially when the lungs are in a pathological state, such as with acute respiratory distress syndrome, where hospital mortality remains unacceptably high. In this PhD thesis, a recent development in laboratory-based, dynamic X-ray CT imaging, combined with customised image analysis, is used to investigate changes to the delicate structures in the mechanically-ventilated mouse lung, in order to better understand ventilator-induced lung injury.


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Stephen Eric Thomas Dubsky

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


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