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Development of a novel wheel-rail maintenance strategy utilizing laser cladding technology

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posted on 05.12.2018, 22:05 by QUAN HOANG LAI
The wheel-rail contact is known to cause material degradation in the forms of wear and rolling contact fatigue. Current maintenance techniques such as arc welding, rail grinding, and rail replacement contribute a significant portion of the operational cost. The large demand for a greater load-carrying capacity, particularly in Australia; a major producer of iron ore and coal, also necessitates an improvement in maintenance strategies. This research provides a systematic study towards developing a commercially viable railway maintenance technique using laser-cladding. This study has demonstrated that this technique is more cost-effective and prolongs the lives of rails and wheels.


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Ralph Abrahams

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Wenyi Yan

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Peter Mutton

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Cong Qiu

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Anna Paradowska

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering