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Bacharach, Britney and Acid Techno Bangers: The Evolving Compositional Practice of Honeysmack

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posted on 2021-05-17, 02:33 authored by DAVID BERNARD HABERFELD
The research investigates a range of approaches to real-time compositional practices engaged in the Electronic Dance Music sub-genre known as Acid. Specifically it explores how the creation of Acid is effectively assembled through interfacing and combining performance and recording platforms, while being informed by the stylistic characteristics of this established sub-genre. The project investigates the nature and evolution of my own compositional Acid practice under the name ‘Honeysmack’, examining the use of electronic instruments and technologies associated with EDM


Principal supervisor

Catherine Hope

Additional supervisor 1

Philip Brophy

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Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music


Doctor of Philosophy (Music Composition)

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Faculty of Arts