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An investigation of geochemically enriched hotspots - an example from the Tasmantid Seamounts, the Azores, and Hawai'i

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posted on 2022-03-15, 23:41 authored by SASKIA RUTTOR
Hot mantle material can rise towards the surface from a depth of 2900 km underneath us. Processes that this mantle material experiences before it erupts as an intraplate volcano are not well understood yet. This thesis will use iron isotopes to understand such processes better. For this, I analysed lavas from the Tasmantid Seamounts, the Azores, and Hawai’i. The results show that Fe isotopes are useful to identify the melting conditions, mantle material, and alteration processes that the lavas experience prior to eruption.


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Oliver Nebel

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Yona Nebel-Jacobsen

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Mark Kendrick

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Earth, Atmosphere and Environment


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Faculty of Science