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A Study on Augmenting HDR Image by Extra Features through Data Hiding

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posted on 2021-12-16, 02:50 authored by KAI LIN CHIA
High dynamic range (HDR) imaging can capture and display significantly more colours in comparison to the legacy low dynamic range (LDR) technology. Due to its increasing popularity, more HDR images are generated and stored in the cloud, where ownership, privacy, and integrity of the contents are potentially compromised. Furthermore, backward compatibility of HDR technology is also an issue because the LDR monitor cannot handle HDR content. This study aims to design methods to solve the aforementioned problems through data hiding, which is a technique that manipulates the structure of the HDR image to achieve specific purposes.


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Kok Sheik Wong

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Raphael Phan

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School of Information Technology (Monash University Malaysia)


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Faculty of Information Technology

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