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O'Connor et al. (2020). Mental Wellbeing Provision in the Victorian Sport Sector report.pdf (5 MB)

Mental Wellbeing Provision in Victorian Sport

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posted on 2020-10-29, 03:05 authored by Justen O'ConnorJusten O'Connor, Ruth JeanesRuth Jeanes, Christine GrovéChristine Grové, Karen LambertKaren Lambert, Nadia Bevan, Hayley Truskewycz
The community sport sector has seen a significant proliferation in the number of public mental health programs supporting the provision of mental health in community sport. In May 2020 VicHealth commissioned researchers at Monash University to undertake a review of existing initiatives operating in sports clubs, seeking to promote positive mental health and wellbeing (MHW). The aim was to generate a more comprehensive understanding of the work being undertaken to support positive mental health in community sports contexts across Victoria, Australia. To assist sporting clubs in the sustainable promotion of mental wellbeing as part of a coordinated primary prevention approach, this report provides a review of ‘best practice’ criteria for the quality provision of mental health support in community sporting clubs. It also provides an examination of a range of mental wellbeing initiatives and resources against the developed criteria. Finally, the report synthesises a set of recommendations from the analysis to offer clear direction to stakeholders looking to engage in mental wellbeing initiatives through sport. The research helps to inform future strategies to support mental health work and training across the community sport sector.