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LGBTI+ Inclusion within Victorian Sport: A Market Analysis

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posted on 29.07.2020 by Ruth Jeanes, Eric Denison, Nadia Bevan, Karen Lambert, Justen O'Connor
In 2019, VicHealth commissioned researchers within the Faculty of Education at Monash University to conduct a market analysis examining the work that has been undertaken to date, and current activities in the state of Victoria, Australia, focused on promoting LGBTI+ engagement and participation in sport. This document provides an overview of the programs, interventions, reports and education undertaken in the sport and LGBTI+ inclusion space across the last 20 years. Furthermore, the report details some of the findings of key academic literature and evaluation reports examining the impact of LGBTI+ sporting initiatives delivered in Australia and overseas. In particular, it details contemporary knowledge regarding approaches to LGBTI+ inclusion and perceived impact of interventions. The report is structured to respond to several key questions: 1. What does current research tell us about the experiences of LGBTI+ people in sport? 2. What work has taken place within Victoria to support LGBTI+ inclusion and reduce discrimination? 3. Which organisations are operating in Victoria to promote LGBTI+ inclusion and how have these connected with sport? 4. What work are State Sporting Associations undertaking to support LGBTI+ Inclusion and what support would they like moving forward? 5. What recommendations have emerged from existing LGBTI+ in sport reports and evaluations? The report concludes by pointing towards potential areas for further investment to enhance LGBTI+ inclusion within sport.


Victorian Health Promotion Foundation