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Building Better Food Solutions - Intl student perspectives & experiences.pdf (4.43 MB)

Building better food solutions: International students’ perspectives and experiences

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posted on 2023-05-19, 06:10 authored by Cathy WaiteCathy Waite, Beatriz Gallo CordobaBeatriz Gallo Cordoba, Lucas WalshLucas Walsh, Sue Kleve, Tammie ChoiTammie Choi, Agrata Mukherjee, Yuqi Lin

This report presents the findings of a research project undertaken by the authors in 2022. It provides an evidence base for the development of socio-culturally appropriate solutions to address food insecurity among international university students in Melbourne. A survey of 64 international students and follow-up in-depth interviews with 22 survey participants showed that the expectations and experiences of international students in Melbourne are varied, ranging from those seeking to embrace mainstream Australian culture, to those pursuing connections with existing immigrant communities and those striving to preserve their cultural practices in the absence of an established community in Melbourne. 


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