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eLearning Activities Browser - A New Tool for Educational Design

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posted on 2018-03-14, 04:44 authored by Yiye HanYiye Han, Steven YatesSteven Yates, Mervyn Lim, Melissa Santoso, Marcus Chester, Laura HoningLaura Honing

The eLearning Activities Browser (eLAB) is an educational design tool developed by Monash University Library to help staff design blended learning activities. Users can browse the collection of example activities from different starting points, such as Bloom’s taxonomy dimensions, action verbs, and technologies, which can be downloaded, modified and incorporated into other projects.

Next, the Research Skill Development (RSD) and Work Skill Development (WSD) frameworks will be mapped as new entry points contributing to staff use of the RSD and WSD and potentially enhancing understanding and uptake of the two frameworks and their application in learning and teaching contexts.

The eLAB is built on a Drupal server with content created using platforms and tools such as Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Moodle, Google suites, social media, videos and more. Detailed site structures enabled by taxonomies and schema have been mapped and constructed in order to allow for the flexible display of objects in different views allowing for additional frameworks to be incorporated.

Focus groups, surveys and usability testing are underway to gather feedback for improvement. Projects integrating the use of eLAB into assessment design are also in progress. This poster describes the purpose and visually depicts the use of eLAB.

This is a poster presented at the i-MELT 2017 conference, 11-13 December, 2017.