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Museum Exhibition Catalogue Collaboration (Jerusalem, Israel, 2019)

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posted on 13.01.2020, 23:14 by Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo
Emoglyphs: Picture-Writing from Hieroglyphs to the Emoji
Exhibition, The Israel Museum
16 Dec 2019 - 12 Oct 2020

Collaboration with the Curator of Egyptian Archaeology, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Exhibition catalogue collaboration, study and description of two artefacts of the collection, expert advice, invitation to publish the considerations in the catalogue.

The museum catalogue was published in December 2019: Ben-Dor Evian, Shirly with contributions by Orly Goldwasser and Daphna Ben-Tor, Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo and Stefan Wimmer, 2019. Emoglyphs: Picture-Writing from Hieroglyphs to the Emoji. Israel Museum Catalogue 690. Jerusalem.