Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo

Researcher - Lead Curator (The British Museum) (Archaeology; History; Art History; History and Archaeology not elsewhere classified; Middle Eastern and African History; Digital Humanities; European History (excl. British, Classical Greek and Roman); Classical Greek and Roman History; Social and Community Informatics; Museum Studies; Heritage and Cultural Conservation; Cultural Studies not elsewhere classified; Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-cultural Studies; Arts and Cultural Policy; Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant; Archaeology not elsewhere classified; Archaeological Science; Historical Archaeology (incl. Industrial Archaeology); Archaeology of Asia, Africa and the Americas)

Melbourne, Australia

I obtained my PhD degree at Monash University under the supervision of A/Prof Colin Hope and Dr Gillian Bowen, and the thesis project was funded by the Australian Postgraduate Award, Research Training Program, and Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarships, Monash University, Australia.

My research interests and specialisation include material culture; Egypt in Late and Graeco-Roman periods; Cultural Heritage preservation and protection; digital media for research in Archaeology; 3D modelling; photography.

I am part of the Dakhleh Oasis Project, and in 2018 we organised an International Conference on occasion of its 40th anniversary. I am a member of: International Association of Egyptologists, Egypt & Austria Society, Europeana, ICOM.


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