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[Superseded] Built environment and transit use empirical research database

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Version 6 2020-08-22, 07:44
Version 5 2019-08-14, 02:08
Version 4 2019-07-06, 23:18
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posted on 2020-08-22, 07:44 authored by Laura AstonLaura Aston, Graham CurrieGraham Currie, Delbosc, Alexa, MD Kamruzzaman, Tyler O'Hare, David Teller
This dataset has been replaced by the Built Environment and transit Use meta-database. Please visit

Aston, L., Currie, G., Kamruzzaman, M., Delbosc, A., & Teller, D. (2019). BE-TU: Built Environment and Transit Use Meta-database (Version 1) [Meta-database].

1 - Aston, Laura; Currie, Graham; Delbosc, Alexa; O'Hare, Tyler; Kamruzzaman, MD; Teller, David (2019): Empirical built environment and transit use literature since 2000: Comprehensive literature review protocol and results. figshare. Dataset. Available on figshare at


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Supported by a partnership between the Victorian Department of Transport and Monash University