Connecting the Disconnected: Designing Socially Inclusive, Integrated, Archival and Recordkeeping Systems and Services

Published on by Joanne Evans
Children who experience Out-of-Home Care need quality recordkeeping and archiving systems to develop and nurture their sense of identity and connectedness to family and community, account for their care experiences, and prevent, report,investigate, and take action against child neglect and abuse. The Connecting the Disconnected Future Fellowship has established a transdisciplinary research, development and advocacy program investigating how lifelong rights in records and recordkeeping can be recognized, respected and enacted in child welfare and protection systems, through the utilisation of digital technologies and participatory research and design approaches. It has brought together researchers, advocates and practitioners from a range of disciplinary, community and organisational contexts to tackle this complex problem and develop a shared strategic vision for recordkeeping and archiving to better meet the identity, memory and accountability needs of those who experience childhood out-of-home care.

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