Colloquy, issue 6 (2002)

Published on (GMT) by Aisling Smith
Issue Six, April 2002. Editorial - ARTICLES - "The Problem of Finitude in Phenomenology" / Alexander Cooke - "Strategic Subjects: The Sexual Binary, Transgression and the Ethics of Strategic Essentialism" / Rob Cover - "The Politics of Influence: Bruce Beaver's Letters to Live Poets" / Robert Savage - "Who Was Eve Langley? A Narratological Study" / Rhonda Ellis - REVIEWS - "The discreet charm of the lugubriosie: Thomas Bernhard's Extinction," Penguin, 1996 / Narelle Hanratty - "Anne Kellas' Isolated States," Cornford Press, 2001 / Angus Nicholls - "Style Over Substance John A Dern. Martians, Monsters & Madonna: Fiction and Form in the World of Martin Amis" Peter Lang, 2000 /Erica Hateley - "The Halstead Treasury of Ancient Science Fiction" (Ed.) M. Richardson. Halstead Press, 2001 / Angus Nicholls - Vance Palmer's The Passage, Halstead Press, 2001 / Jasna Novakovic - POETRY - Chris Danta
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