Colloquy, issue 4 (2000)

Published on (GMT) by Zachary Kendal
Colloquy: text, theory, critique. Issue Four, September 2000. curious eyes: sites and scenes of modernism. Proceedings from the postgraduate symposium held at the University of Sydney, September 1999. Editorial – Introduction – ARTICLES – "Enma's Eye: Race, Observation, and the Oriental(ist) Gaze" / Daniel Black – "'What is Modernism to Me?' Individual Selves and Collective Identities in African-American Women's Writing, 1920-1935" / Clare Corbould – "Constructing a Monstrous Offspring: A Few Steps Toward the Process of Montage" / Hélène Frichot – "Moving, Movies & the Sublime: Modernity and the Alpine Scene in Dorothy Richardson's Oberland" / Melinda Harvey – "Oscar Wilde and the Politics of Irish Aestheticism" / Gary Pearce – "Langston Hughes and Flamenco: Pan-African Kin" / Pedro Telleria-Teixeira – "Prelude to Visualized Rhythm: the Work of Piet Mondrian" / Eiichi Tosaki – "Interdisciplinarities of Origin: Modernism, Psychoanalysis and Imperialism" / kylie valentine
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