Colloquy, issue 23 (2012)

Published on (GMT) by Aisling Smith
EDITORIAL GENERAL ARTICLES Frank O’Hara’s “Second Avenue” and the Modernist Tradition By David Dick Virtual Catastrophe: The Ecologically-Oriented Ethics of Jeff Noon’s Pollen By Emma Nicoletti Special Section: Pastoral Echoes Introduction: Pastoral Echoes in the Forest of Literary History By Xanthe Ashburner and Timothy Chandler Building Tension: Gothic Rhythm and Pastoral Imperfection in Hardy’s Poetry By Indy Clark Writing as Cultivation: Pastoral and the Local in A.R. Ammons By Xanthe Ashburner Pat Barker’s Double Vision: Vulnerability and Trauma in the Pastoral Mode By Mary Trabucco Wobegonian Modesty and Garrison Keilor’s Lake Wobegon Days By Richard Newman Pastoral Permutations within the Colonial Romance: Robert Browning’s “Waring” and Alfred Domett’s Ranolf and Amohia By Helen Blythe The Rock and the Void: Pastoral and Loss in Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock and Peter Weir’s Film Adaptation By Victoria Bladen Locus amoenus: Pastoral Atmosphere of Virgil’s Eclogues By Timothy Chandler Four Pastoral Poems By Angela Gardner TRANSLATION On Leisure Seneca, translated by Timothy Chandler
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