Colloquy, issue 16 (2008)

Published on (GMT) by Zachary Kendal
Colloquy: text theory critique. Issue 16, December 2008. CRITIQUE OF VIOLENCE ARTICLES - "Introduction: Violence and Critique" / Carlo Salzani and Michael FitzGerald - "Violence as Pure Praxis: Benjamin and Sorel on Strike, Myth and Ethics" / Carlo Salzani - "Prior to Law and Subsequent to Understanding: Benjamin as a Student of the Law" / Stephanie Polsky - "The Creature Before the Law: Notes on Walter Benjamin’s Critique of Violence" / Mathew Abbott - "Potentiality and Reconciliation: a Consideration of Benjamin’s “Critique of Violence” and Adorno’s “Progress”" / Tim Finney - "Between Violence and Law, Is There a Place for Justice?" / Adam Lodders - "The Ethics of Interpretation; Toward Critique Without Judgment" / Lara Shalson - "Interfaith Dialogue: A Deconstructive Site for the Cycles of Mythic Violence?" / Elyse Rider - GENERAL ARTICLES - "“A Dark and Hidden Thing”: Evelyn Waugh, Cannibalism, and the Problem of African Christianity" / Timothy M. Christensen - "Kant on the Beautiful: The Interest in Disinterestedness" / Paul Daniels - "“We Grew Here You Flew Here”: Claims to “Home” in the Cronulla Riots" / Clemence Due and Damien W. Riggs - "Magical Allegory in Marie Darrieussecq’s novel Pig Tales (1996): Piggy Debauchery in Postcolonial France" / Sallie Muirden - TRANSLATION - "Four Japanese Poems for Peace" / Sue Stanford - BOOK REVIEWS - "Christopher Clark. Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Fall of Prussia 1600-1947. London: Penguin Books, 2006" / David Blencowe - "Steven Crowell and Jeff Malpas eds. Transcendental Heidegger. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007" / Rachel Funari - "Paul Gillen and Devleena Ghosh. Colonialism and Modernity. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press, 2007" / Ann McCarthy - "Chris Healy. Forgetting Aborigines. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press, 2008" / Diane Molloy - "Mark Tredinnick. The Little Green Grammar Book. Sydney: UNSW, 2008" / Geoff Berry
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