Colloquy, issue 14 (2007)

Published on (GMT) by Zachary Kendal
Colloquy: text, theory, critique. Issue Fourteen, December 2007. ARTICLES – "The Visualisation of Utopia in Recent Science Fiction Film" / Paul Atkinson – "Rendezvous with Utopia: Two Versions of the Future in the Rama Novels" / Russell Blackford – "Utopia and the Dirty Secret of Architecture" / Craig B Johnson – "Anti-Utopianism and Fredric Jameson’s Archaeologies of the Future" / Darren Jorgensen – "Utopia in Rousseau: Some Jamesonian Reflections" / Keith Redgen – "A Note on The Regressive Side of Modernization in Relation to Two Films by Robert Altman" / Marcos Soares – "Etopia, Or, After the Illuminist Imaginaries of Modernity" / Raymond Aaron Younis
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