Colloquy, issue 13 (2007)

Published on (GMT) by Aisling Smith
ARTICLES: The Self-Torment of the White House Screen: Language, Lyotard and Looking Back at the War on Terror By Dougal Phillips Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing: The Name-of-the-Father in King Lear By Dominique Hecq Sjöström’s The Wind and the Transcendental Image By Agustin Zarzosa The Modern Mediatrix: Medieval Rhetoric in André Breton’s Nadia and Leonora Carrington’s “Down Below” By Bonnie Lander On Truth and Lie in a Rhetorical Sense: Semantic Perils in Nietzschean Thought By David Lane The Ethical Paradox in Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety By Ed Cameron The Sensuous and Truth: Hegel’s Prose in Light of his Aesthetics By David Blencowe Influence and Implications of Renaissance Humanism in Leonardo da Vinci’s Paragone By Chris Bassett REVIEWS J.M. Coetzee. Elizabeth Costello. London: Vintage, 2004. By Bradley Poole James K. Lyon. Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger. An Unresolved Conversation, 1951 – 1970. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006. By Robert Savage Gerard Naddaf. The Greek Concept of Nature. NY: SUNY Press, 2005. By Andrew Shortridge Niall Lucy and Steve Mickler. The War on Democracy: Conservative Opinion in the Australian Press . Crawley, WA : University of Western Australia Press, 2006. By Carlo Salzani Ravi de Costa. A Higher Authority: Indigenous Transnationalism and Australia. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press, 2006. By Carlo Salzani Jose’ van Dijck, The Transparent Body: A Cultural Analysis of Medical Imaging, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2005. By Anna Mostovaia Louis Nowra, Bad Dreaming: Aboriginal Men’s Violence against Women and Children, North Melbourne: Pluto Press, 2007. By Jay Thompson CREATIVE WRITING: Three Poems By Caleb Puckett Two Poems By Andrew Slattery Francesca Sanvitale. Extract from The Man in the Park trans. Denise Formica Li Yu. Poems for Spring trans. Christopher Kelen and Petra Seak
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