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'The Youth Booth': Youth Strengths and Challenges in Education

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Posted on 2021-03-21 - 21:54 authored by Christine Grové
A participatory, youth-led photovoice and digital exhibition.
Held in Monash University's Sir Louis Matheson Library in March - April 2020.

This is a virtual exhibition showcasing the work of 10 Victorian young people produced over the 2019-2020 Australian summer. Their work captures their collective experience: being digitally savvy, the stress of study, influence of social media, climate change and the impact of mental health and belonging are strong and visible themes. These perspectives, along with our video series produced alongside this, allow us to see the complex situations that impact the youth experience of education.

For schools, teachers, parents and policy-makers it highlights the importance of listening and collaboration with young people, particularly when developing policies and implementing practice to build more inclusive communities. For researchers, we hope this exhibition highlights one way to use participatory visual research methods to support and strengthen the voice of youth.

The exhibition adopts a rights based perspective which emphasises the importance not only of listening to youth, but actively and authenticity collaborating on matters that directly affect them.

The study was conducted by researchers Dr Christine Grove and Louisa Trainer in 2019-2020 at Monash University and is funded by the Monash Education Small Grant Award.


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Monash Education Small Grant Award


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