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National Transfusion Dataset (NTD)

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The National Transfusion Dataset (NTD) will form the first integrated national database of blood usage in Australia. The NTD aims to collect information about where, when, and how blood products are used across all clinical settings. This will address Australia’s absence of an integrated national database to record blood usage with the ability to link with clinical outcomes. The dataset will be an invaluable resource towards a comprehensive understanding of how and why blood products are used, numbers and characteristics of patients transfused in health services, the clinical outcomes after transfusion; and provide support to policy development and research.

The NTD was formed through the incorporation of the established Australian and New Zealand Massive Transfusion Registry (ANZ-MTR) and a pilot Transfusion Database (TD) project. The ANZ-MTR has a unique focus on massive transfusion (MT) and contains over 10,000 cases from 41 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. The TD was a trial extension of the registry that collated data on ALL (not just massive) transfusions on >8000 patients from pilot hospitals. The NTD will integrate and expand these databases to provide new data on transfusion practice including blood utilisation, clinical management and the vital closing of the haemovigilance loop.


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