Monash Q Project's Q Suite - Making Time to Use Research Well

Posted on 16.06.2022 - 04:44
Monash Q Project’s Q Suites are sets of resources & insights for educators on research evidence use.

This Q Suite showcases data findings from two recent surveys with 1,311 educators across Australia.

It focused on the theme of making time to use research well in practice.

Collection contains:
• Q Conversation – resource to promote discussion and reflection about research evidence use
• Q Data Insights – summary of key findings
• Q Narratives – narrative profiles of practitioners
• Q Behavioural Insight – discussion of key behaviours and thinking cues
• Q Presentation Slides - supporting presentation on how to facilitate a Q Conversation

We are delighted to share with you this Q Suite and encourage you to use it within your school and other networks.
To learn more about the Monash Q Project, please visit our website.


Gleeson, Jo; Rickinson, Mark; Cutler, Blake; Salisbury, Mandy; Walsh, Lucas; Cirkony, Connie; et al. (2021): Monash Q Project's Q Suite - Making Time to Use Research Well. Monash University. Collection.
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