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Posted on 09.11.2016 - 23:36

Lot's Wife is the official student newspaper of Monash University's Clayton Campus. Lot's Wife is distributed around campus on a monthly basis, and is freely available to all students, staff and visitors to the University. Lot’s Wife is run entirely by students, under the leadership of a small number of editors elected by the student body.

In 2016, the editors are Lisa Healy, Carina Florea and Tim Newport.

Lot’s Wife was founded in 1964, and for almost 50 years Lot’s Wife has upheld the core tenet 'Never Look Back' in its ongoing pursuits as a socially progressive student newspaper.

Access to the Research Repository issues are embargoed for 10 years after date of publication. Current issues may be available on the Lot's Wife website


Healy, Lisa; Florea, Carina; Newport, Tim (2016): Lots Wife Student Newspaper. Monash University. Collection. https://doi.org/10.4225/03/5823b313eb87c
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