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A list of publications held within the Lance Castles Collection of the Music Archive of Monash University (MAMU). These rare books were donated to MAMU by Dr Lance Castles, a noted researcher of Aceh and Islam in Indonesia, as well as a Monash Alumnus. The collection includes books on history, politics, sociology and dictionaries, regarding Aceh, Sumatra, and Java.

About Lance Castles

Dr Lance Castles graduated from Melbourne University, received an MA degree from Monash University, and a PhD from Yale University. He was formerly employed as a Research Assistant in Economics at the University of Indonesia and at the Australian National University, as well as a Lecturer in Indonesian studies at Melbourne University.

Castles has written and edited a number of publications on the topics of political thinking, history, social democracy, religion, and economic behaviour, in multiple Indonesian provinces.

Included within MAMU’s collection is Castle’s own book “Birokrasi Kepemimpinan, dan Perubahan Sosial di Indonesia” (Bureaucracy, Leadership, and Social Revolution in Indonesia), published in 1986.

About MAMU

MAMU is a physical and digital collection of musical instruments, scores, field recordings, and diverse other musical materials acquired since the foundation of the University’s original Department of Music in 1965. Originally intended to document the activities of the Department, it soon expanded in the 1970s to become a repository of research materials collected by Music Department staff and graduate students, especially from Australia, South and South-East Asia, giving it a predominantly ethnomusicological character.

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