2016 - Volume 7, Issue 3

Published on 2019-05-15T04:56:52Z (GMT) by International Research in Early Childhood Education
<div><b>International Research in Early Childhood Education: 2016, Volume 7, Issue 3</b></div><div><b>Regular Issue</b></div><div><br></div><div>International Research in Early Childhood Education (IRECE) is an open-access electronic peer-reviewed journal. Articles in this journal explore aspects of early childhood education within international, local or regional contexts. Some articles may address issues arising from interdisciplinary relationships between early childhood education and other fields, such as post-developmental approaches to psychology, socio-cultural/cultural historical research, cultural-activity research, maternal and child health, migration studies, environmental science and globalisation, refugee studies, international policy studies, feminism and queer studies, space and place, as well as post-structuralist research. <br>IRECE is published annually as a single volume, in Melbourne Australia. It continues the older serial Australian Research in Early Childhood Education. Submissions come from around the world. <br>The editors encourage the submission of a variety of high quality manuscripts including: reports of research from a variety of paradigms; special issues on a particular theme; articles about research, literature reviews and theoretical discussions; book reviews; invited commentaries.<br><br>More information about the journal and who to contact: <a href="https://www.monash.edu/education/research/publications/journals/irece">https://www.monash.edu/education/research/publications/journals/irece</a><br></div>

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