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Xavier Ho


  • Evoking inspiration for game jam ideas
  • Affordances of brainstorming toolkits and their use in game jams
  • Roguelike ancestry network visualisation: Insights from the roguelike community
  • Art and chartjunk: A guide for NEUVis
  • Implementation of a satellite based inland water algal bloom alerting system using analysis ready data
  • Systematic Analysis of Inland Water Quality Using Datacube Concepts
  • Tapping into the Gaming Community for Roguelikes
  • Smoke and Fire: Air Pollution Visualisation in Australia
  • Love about Food
  • Finding Design Influence within Roguelike Games
  • A satellite-based algal bloom early warning system for NSW: Exploiting a free data source to address a monitoring challenge
  • Integration of near-surface and satellite observations for algal bloom detection
  • Conceptualising Inspiration Networks in Game Design
  • How Are Ideas Connected? Drawing the Design Process of Idea Networks in Global Game Jam
  • Idea Network Visualisations in Game Jams & Roguelike Games
  • State-of-the-art webGL 2.0
  • Game Design Inspiration in Global Game Jam
  • The Enlightened Jammer: Intrinsic Drives for Game Jam Participations
  • Roguelike Universe: Drawing 36 Years of Roguelike Influence
  • Early Algal Warning System
  • Rewards and Motivations in Game Jams
  • Drawing Queer Intersections Through Video Game Archives

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