Monash University

Steve Quenette

Deputy Director (Applied computing not elsewhere classified)



  • Underworld2: Python Geodynamics Modelling for Desktop, HPC and Cloud
  • An investigation into design for performance and code maintainability in high performance computing
  • Numerical analysis of the role of radiogenic basement on temperature distribution in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Québec
  • Explaining StGermain: An aspect oriented environment for building extensible computational mechanics modeling software
  • Thermal insulation and geothermal targeting, with specific reference to coal-bearing basins
  • A window for plate tectonics in terrestrial planet evolution?
  • Computational approaches to studying non-linear dynamics of the crust and mantle
  • Development of a cloud-based Bioinformatics Training Platform
  • StgDomain - Scalable parallel domain software components for Particle-In-Cell Finite Element Methods
  • Underworld-GT applied to Guangdong, a tool to explore the geothermal potential of the crust
  • Next-generation sequencing: A challenge tomeet the increasing demand for training workshops in Australia
  • gLucifer: Next generation visualization framework for high-performance computational geodynamics
  • Scientific software frameworks and grid computing: Improving programming productivity

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