Monash University

Rebecca Stewart

Gender Equality Research Fellow (Human society; Sociology; Gender studies; Criminology; Psychology; Other psychology)


I am an interdisciplinary researcher working as a Research Fellow at the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre. My research interests focus on primary prevention and early intervention, gender equality and young victim-survivors of family violence. My current projects are looking at respectful relationships education, gender equality and sexual harassment in the workplace and help-seeking behaviours in education settings of young victim-survivors of family violence.


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  • Stewart, R., Roberts, S., Wright, B., & Smith, L. (2022). ‘Men actually need to practice the conversation’: Collective learnings from Australian programs seeking to challenge outdated masculine stereotypes and norms. Journal of Men's Studies.
  • Stewart, Rebecca (2021): Gender Equality Act 2020 (Vic) Research Brief. Monash University. Online resource.
  • Ralph, B., Stewart, R., Bartlett, T. & Roberts, S. (2020). Masculinities and health scoping review: a report prepared for VicHealth (updated June 2020). Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Melbourne, Australia.
  • ‘Men Actually Need to Practice the Conversation’: Collective Learnings from Australian Programs Seeking to Challenge Outdated Masculine Stereotypes and Norms
  • Using Program Design and Delivery to Support Participant Engagement in Programs Challenging Problematic Gender Norms Amongst Australian Men and Boys
  • Operationalizing Street Harassment Using Survey Instruments: A Systematic Review of Measuring Harassment in Public Spaces Using Surveys

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