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Pok Man Leung

Microbiologist (Biological sciences)


  • Secretory locations of SIPC in Amphibalanus amphitrite cyprids and a novel function of SIPC in biomineralization
  • Marine biofilms constitute a bank of hidden microbial diversity and functional potential
  • Atmospheric carbon monoxide oxidation is a widespread mechanism supporting microbial survival
  • Protease-associated import systems are widespread in Gram-negative bacteria
  • Energetic Basis of Microbial Growth and Persistence in Desert Ecosystems
  • Bark-dwelling methanotrophic bacteria decrease methane emissions from trees
  • Trace gas oxidizers are widespread and active members of soil microbial communities
  • Effects of drift algae accumulation and nitrate loading on nitrogen cycling in a eutrophic coastal sediment
  • Metabolic flexibility allows bacterial habitat generalists to become dominant in a frequently disturbed ecosystem
  • BonA from Acinetobacter baumannii Forms a Divisome-Localized Decamer That Supports Outer Envelope Function
  • Hydrodynamic disturbance controls microbial community assembly and biogeochemical processes in coastal sediments
  • Multiple energy sources and metabolic strategies sustain microbial diversity in Antarctic desert soils
  • A nitrite-oxidising bacterium constitutively consumes atmospheric hydrogen
  • Atmospheric chemosynthesis is phylogenetically and geographically widespread and contributes significantly to carbon fixation throughout cold deserts
  • Atmospheric hydrogen oxidation extends to the domain archaea
  • Molecular hydrogen in seawater supports growth of diverse marine bacteria
  • BonA from Acinetobacter baumannii forms a divisome-localized decamer that supports outer envelope function
  • A nitrite-oxidizing bacterium constitutively consumes atmospheric hydrogen
  • Nitrification in acidic and alkaline environments
  • Unique Minimal and Hybrid Hydrogenases are Active in Anaerobic Archaea
  • Microorganisms oxidize glucose through distinct pathways in permeable and cohesive sediments
  • Trace gas oxidation sustains energy needs of a thermophilic archaeon at suboptimal temperatures

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