OPTIMISE Research Project

Health care administration; Health sciences; Primary health care


The OPTIMISE Partnership Project is a four year, $2 million project, funded by the NHMRC and partners, across three sites in the two Australian states with the highest refugee resettlement. The overall aim is to generate a model of integrated refugee primary health care suitable for uptake throughout Australia. We will implement a collaborative, system oriented approach to 1. Increase the accessibility of refugee focused health services 2. Optimise systems for transferring refugee clients at appropriate times between these services and mainstream primary care 3. Increase the ability of mainstream general practices to deliver high quality primary care to refugees 4. Develop capacity amongst academic, decision-makers and clinicians to enable ongoing improvement to the system of health and social welfare services appropriate for the care of refugees in the community. https://www.monash.edu/medicine/spahc/general-practice/research-projects/optimise


  • Russell, G., Gunatillaka, N., Lewis, V., Cheng, I.H., Enticott, J., Marsh, G., Vasi, S., Advocat, J., Song, H., Saito, S. and Casey, S., 2019. The OPTIMISE project: protocol for a mixed methods, pragmatic, quasi-experimental trial to improve primary care delivery to refugees in Australia. BMC Health Services Research, 19(1), p.396. doi: 10.1186/s12913-019-4235-6

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