Monash University

Lorrae Mynard

Occupational Therapy PhD Candidate (Health sciences)

Lorrae is passionate about keeping occupation at the heart of occupational therapy. She has worked in a variety of adult mental health settings in Australia, Canada and the UK and is presently a lead occupational therapist at Forensicare in Melbourne and a doctoral candidate with Monash University. Her doctoral research is focused on occupational formulation, with other recent and current research focused on the experiences of occupational therapists working in solitary confinement settings, and the experiences of forensic mental health consumers in relation to disclosure, everyday digital technology and transitioning to community living. In 2020 she authored the guides “Normal life has been disrupted: Managing the disruption caused by COVID-19” and “The new normal: navigating everyday life during COVID-19” which have been translated into multiple languages and used internationally.


  • Belonging to a community‐based football team
  • Experiences of disclosure for vocational occupations by forensic mental health consumers
  • Normal life has been disrupted
  • Gone viral: the global spread of an occupational therapy COVID-19 resource
  • The new normal
  • What should I say?
  • Book Review: A Guide to the Formulation of Plans and Goals in Occupational Therapy (2021)
  • Occupational Therapists’ Experiences Using the Model of Human Occupation in Forensic Mental Health
  • A Guide to the Formulation of Plans and Goals in Occupational Therapy (2021)
  • Occupational therapy with patients in forensic solitary confinement: A qualitative study
  • Time use of patients in a secure forensic hospital: A mixed methods study

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