Monash University

Levi Durbidge

PhD Candidate - Applied Linguistics (Language, communication and culture)

Monash University, Melbourne

I have been involved in language education in Japan and Australia for more than 15 years, both at the secondary and tertiary levels. This experience informs my interest in exploring how changes driven by globalisation and technology affect the learning and identities of internationally mobile individuals. My current project focuses on the experiences of Japanese adolescents who have studied abroad and how it affects their language development and sense of self. If you would like a copy of any of my publications, please contact me via Twitter, or my ResearchGate profile.


  • Durbidge, L., 2019. Technology and L2 engagement in study abroad: Enabler or immersion breaker?. System 80, 224-234.
  • Durbidge, L., 2017. Duty, desire and Japaneseness: A case study of Japanese high school study abroad. Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education 2, 206-239.

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