Kien Nguyen-Trung


  • Daily Deference Rituals and Social Hierarchy in Vietnam
  • The “sacred face”: What directs Vietnamese people in interacting with others in everyday life
  • International students in Australia: A review of the literature
  • Being sacred, being honest
  • Contemporary social interaction: How communication technologies alter Goffman's dramaturgical model?
  • Defining Vulnerability
  • Vulnerability to Natural Disasters: The Case of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
  • Social support from bonding and bridging relationships in disaster recovery: Findings from a slow-onset disaster
  • From Sociology of the Family to Sociology of Personal Life: A Review of the Literature
  • Care of the self in the age of algorithms: Early thoughts from a Foucauldian perspective
  • Understanding Disaster Vulnerability in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
  • Global markets, risk, and organized irresponsibility in regional Australia: emergent cosmopolitan identities among local food producers in the Liverpool Plains
  • Gender mainstreaming in resettlement process: a review of World Bank funded operations
  • Nation Target Programme on New Rural Development
  • Vietnamese Deference Rituals in Everyday life Encounters: A Grounded Theory Study of Hanoi City

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