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John Garzoli

Research Affiliate (Musicology and ethnomusicology; Social and cultural anthropology)

Monash University Clayton_Thailand

I hold a PhD in ethnomusicology from Monash University where I have been an Adjunct Research Fellow since 2014. My research involves traditional and contemporary Thai music, Thai politics, Thai tuning, Thai and Western pedagogy, intercultural musical synthesis, and jazz. At Monash University, I teach or have taught; contemporary and traditional world music, jazz pedagogy, the ethnomusicology of improvisation, aural training, aesthetics and criticism and professional practice. I am a recipient of the ‘2011 Prime Minister’s Asia Endeavour Award’, the ‘2106 Endeavour Post-doctoral Research Fellowship’, the ‘2016 Chulalongkorn University ENIT’s Research Fellowship’, the 2016 DFAT-ATI ‘Artist in Residence’ award and a Chulalongkorn University Artist in Residence Award'. I have been a ‘Visiting International Scholar’ at Khon Kaen University in 2015, 16 and 17 and I am an ‘Asialink Leaders Fellow’.


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