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Dasha Spasojevic


  • Operationalising Research: Embedded PhDs in Transdisciplinary, Action Research Projects
  • Mapping informal settlements: a process for action
  • Creative Practices and Public Engagement
  • Entangled with Water: Participation and design of water and sanitation infrastructure in Indonesia
  • Proximity of Care
  • The Gesture of Play in Creative Civic Practice
  • Key mechanisms of a gender and socially inclusive community engagement and participatory design approach in the RISE program in Makassar, Indonesia and Suva, Fiji
  • Playful Cities Design Guide
  • Nature-based Play: Fostering connections for children’s wellbeing and climate resilience
  • Her4Climate
  • ReWild my City
  • Guidelines for developing inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure
  • Guidelines for developing inclusive transport infrastructure

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Becky Batagol

Becky Batagol

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