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“The World Isn’t the Way That I Thought It Would Be”: Exploring Racism, Identity, and Belonging in the Lives of Australian School Students

posted on 2023-04-06, 01:50 authored by HANNAH HANSU YARED
This PhD research combines survey and interview data to explore race and racism from the perspectives of Australian school students in grades 5–12. The results highlight that racism is pervasive in schools and has detrimental impacts on students’ identity and their sense of school belonging. Students also want and need racial literacy support and anti-racism practices in schools. However, schools lack the racial literacy skills to meet these needs, with current approaches further harming students. To address these issues, this thesis outlines a preliminary racial literacy framework, as well as recommendations for future policy, practice, and research.


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Kelly-ann Allen

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Dr Denise Chapman

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Dr Christine Grové

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