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“It’s a set of scales on a journey”: Living well as young people with vision impairment

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posted on 2019-04-03, 00:51 authored by ROSS ANDERSON
Youth with vision impairment have the right to experience wellbeing. One key way of supporting this right lies in the educational and rehabilitation services provided to them. Current research shows that these services are not always successful in supporting the wellbeing of young people with vision impairment. Ross Anderson’s research explores how youth with vision impairment define and maintain wellbeing to guide the development of these services. He found that services should look to promote a holistic conception of wellbeing, in which young people’s senses of balance across their experiences of success, independence, social connection and physical health are emphasised.


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Narelle Warren

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School of Social Sciences (Monash Australia)


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Arts