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"Here & There™"

posted on 2017-02-27, 23:19 authored by Phillips, Andrew Caleb
The intention of this project is to appraise cultural obsessions with certainty through a review of art forms that build complex and uncertain relationships between artist, subject, and viewer. These visual framing techniques that deflect the gaze of the viewer and entrust them with the responsibility of inscribing their own narrative understandings, will be utilised to examine the relationships between artifice and truth and subsequently the adherence to fictions of reality and illusion. A key aspect of this exegesis is to reflect on the dominance of the scopic realm in relation to contemporary psychological life. Instances of tension developing from passive/active binaries will be scrutinised to establish the ways authority can see us losing sight of transformative forces and gives rise to the illusions of permanence to which we cling. This questioning of the bond between seeing and knowing and visual certainty as given by appearance, is a tradition I am continuing as a means to unpack undercurrents of passivity and to examine the evolution of a globally articulated self-awareness. Being open to the instability of the human condition is important when making work that intends to connect with others in transformative and energetic ways. By using art practice to question the quality of our sociability I am able to bear witness to social, cultural and intellectual change. The final project submission will be six back to back video works of approximately fifteen minutes duration projected onto the gallery wall and will be accompanied by a series of typographic posters.


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