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‘Between Myopia and Utopia’ - Transitional Justice and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Conceiving an Israeli-Palestinian Truth and Empathy Commission

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posted on 26.02.2020, 10:06 by JEREMIE MAURICE BRACKA
This thesis explores the desirability of the transitional justice paradigm and engaging the past to conflict resolution efforts between Israelis and Palestinians. Given the struggle remains one characterised by antagonistic belief systems and national identities, it is submitted that the current conflict-settlement model in the Middle-East is fraught. My PhD demonstrates how transitional justice has the potential to serve as a valuable tool in long-term conflict resolution, and could foster truth-telling, restorative justice and grass-roots reconciliation between the two nations. Ultimately, the PhD designs an unofficial Israeli-Palestinian Truth and Empathy Commission (IPTEC) to address the gross systematic human rights abuses committed by both nations against each other’s civilians.


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Sarah Louise Joseph

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Joanna Kyriakakis

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Aeyal Gross

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