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Weekly Ticket Footscray – Towards a practice of slow theatre

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posted on 14.10.2020, 23:24 authored by MEROPHIE ALICE CARR
This research explores four years of “Weekly Ticket Footscray”, a fifteen-year performance at Footscray Train Station that began in 2016 and will finish in 2031, developing the frameworks of “slow theatre,” “feral conversations” and “contagious audience” to interrogate how audience and artists together create performance. This thesis argues that a theatre performer operating in public space as “resident” at Footscray Station uses complex methods to engender participation. This is further developed into an argument for an ethos of slow theatre that could offer an alternative to models of creative practice in the arts during this current pandemic and pandemic-recovery climate.


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Stacy Holmanjones

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Chris Cottrell

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Centre for Theatre and Performance


Doctor of Philosophy

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