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Water and carbon fluxes in young plantations: observations and modelling

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posted on 05.08.2022, 05:04 authored by Marcela Rafaela de Freitas Silva

Commercial timber plantations are extensively found in Australia and around the world. However, high-resolution observations of tree water use and carbon assimilation, especially in young plantations, are still rare. Therefore, this thesis quantifies, using both experimental data and modelling applications, the water and carbon fluxes in a young Eucalyptus globulus plantation in Australia. Results from this thesis emphasize the highly dynamic water use and carbon uptake by young and recently established trees. Considering that management practices are usually solely based on mature trees, this thesis produces useful findings for more robust policies and licensing procedures that acknowledge the entire plantation management cycle.


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Edoardo Daly

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Valentijn Pauwels

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Civil Engineering


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