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Visualising Geographically-Embedded Origin-Destination Flows: in 2D and immersive environments

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posted on 06.12.2018, 01:42 by YALONG YANG
This thesis develops and evaluates effective techniques for visualisation of flows (e.g. of people, trade, knowledge) between places on geographic maps. This geographically-embedded flow data contains information about geographic locations, and flows from origin locations to destination locations. This thesis explores the design space of OD flow visualisation in both 2D and immersive environments. We do so by creating novel OD flow visualisations in both environments, and then conducting controlled user studies to evaluate different designs.


Campus location


Principal supervisor

Tim Dwyer

Additional supervisor 1

Prof Kim Marriott

Additional supervisor 2

A/Prof. Bernhard Jenny

Additional supervisor 3

Dr. Sarah Goodwin

Additional supervisor 4

Dr. Haohui Chen

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Caulfield School of IT

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Immersive Analytics Lab


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Information Technology